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Your safety is our first priority. We use reputed companies for our online transactions, “Razorpay” sounds promising on their terms and conditions and safer over transaction’s.

  • No judgments, invisible shopping
  • Original products
  • One click shop
  • Late night shopping cause we are busy all day
  • Free shipping (above 700 Rupees)
  • No wandering for NRG products and waiting
  • Products can be compared and it is described in detail.
  • Reviews from customer
  • Best pricing

Please try again in a little while or refresh the page. If the payment is still not accepted, please verify your account balance. If the amount was not deducted, but you still can’t make the payment, please contact our customer care, notify us about the problem. We can manage the order manually.
Delivery charges are dependent on the shipment value. If the value of the product is above 700 Rupees then you are eligible for free shipment.
You can use all the major credit cards, debit cards, Mobile payments as described in payment methods.