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Cancellation, Return, Refund & Exchange

What is “Cancelled Order”, “Returned Order” & “Exchange” ?
  • “Cancelled” Order –If the order is not shipped and if you cancel it would be a
  • “Returned” Order – If you intend to cancel the order and couldn’t do so as above,
    you can return the order. This will be treated as “Returned order”.
  • “Exchange” – It is the process of replacing the item with same price, originally
    bought if exchange request is accepted. If you wish to exchange an item for a product
    with different price,
    we suggest you to return it and purchase the new item separately by placing a new order.

Note : Refund processing and time taken to refund will not be same for
above situations.
Refunds for “Cancelled Orders” will be faster than refunds for “Returned Order”.

When can I cancel an order ?

You can cancel your order if shipment process has not yet started at our warehouse. If
orders have been processed for shipping, cancellation request will not be entertained. This
does not mean, you cannot cancel the order forever.
Cancellation of the order after shipping, will be treated as “Returned Order” and procedures
applicable to “Returned Orders” will be followed.

Generally, orders received between 10.00 AM of previous day to 9.59 AM of current day, will
be taken for shipment processing for that current day. Say, if order no.1 is placed on 2.00
PM of 01.05.2020, Order no.2 is placed on 9.30 AM of 02.05.2020 and Order no.3 is placed on
10.30 AM of 02.05.2020, time allowed to cancel the order nos. 1 & 2 is upto 10.00 AM of
02.05.2020 and Order no.3 can be cancelled till 9.59 AM of 03.05.2020.
This is for illustration purpose only and time mentioned here are subject to changes as we

Conditions for return/exchange :
  • Please notify us through email to of receipt of a
    / Defective product within 24 hours of receipt of goods with reason for return or
    exchange. No other communication channels are entertained for informing this.
  • Vest, Briefs, Trunks, Lingeries, Panties, Lingerie sets, Camisole,
    Bra and any other innerwear are not returnable and not exchangeable.
  • Products should be returned in their
    original packaging along with the original price tags, all other tags, labels, invoices
    and all other attachments to goods.
  • It is advised that the
    returning products should be safely and adequately packed
    so that there is no further damage of goods in transit.
  • For “Colour Variation/Mis-match”, we cannot entertain any exchanges. However, if we had
    sent you a “Wrong Colour”,
    say, you had ordered Red and if we had sent Black, we will exchange it
  • It is an inherent risk associated with Online shopping.
    Colours may vary from one computer to computer, Gadget to Gadget. There is no 100%
    matching of colours, when it comes to digital view and physical view.
    So, what you see and what you get may differ little.
  • This is an another inherent risk associated with Online shopping. All customers are
    required to verify the “Size Chart” thoroughly before choosing a size. For “Size Unfit”,
    we cannot entertain any exchanges. However, if we had sent you a “Wrong Size”,
    say, you had ordered L and if we had sent XL, we will exchange it.
  • Whether all exchange/return request will be
Why do I have to return the original pack ?

We have designed our pack to deliver your shipment in pristine condition en route till it reaches you, which is expected to be repeated when it returns back to us. Also,
We are sure, you share our sentiments on recycling and wouldn’t mind doing your bit to help.

Why do I have to return the original pack ? To what address should I return?

Please ship back the product to our registered office address mentioned below :

  • NRG Fashion,
  • NRK Puram Main Rd, Old Bus Stand Area, Renganatha Puram, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 641607

When will be Refund initiated ?

  • For “Cancelled Orders” – Within 24 working hours of cancellation.
  • For “Returned Orders” – Within 72 working hours of receipt of goods.

What will be the time taken to get the Refund amount credited to your account ?

Though we initiate refund processing as above, time taken to get credited to your account will vary from 3-21 working days.

What amount will I be refunded ?

Cancelled order amount would be refunded, after deducting for taxes and other incidental charges incurred to handle the cancellations,
returns and third party expenses (like Bank charges, Payment gateway charges…).

How will be your amount refunded ?

Refund will be initiated through same channel (i.e, either thru Pay U Money or Paytm) as you pay. No other mode will be entertained.